Questions To Ask Your Truck Equipment Dealer

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Do you have a truck that needs repair? Are you thinking about enhancing the capabilities of your current truck with aftermarket truck equipment? If your truck doesn't do what you need or want, installing additional equipment instead of purchasing a new vehicle may be exactly what you're looking for. But before you install any new parts on your truck, here are some questions to ask your truck equipment dealer:   

Are these parts new, used or reconditioned? New truck equipment is obviously in original packaging and has never been installed in another vehicle. However, if you have budgetary issues, you may be interested in a used or reconditioned part. Used equipment has been pulled from another vehicle and is offered to a buyer as-is. It may be nearly worn out or it may be almost brand new; there is often no way to know for certain. A reconditioned part has also been removed from another vehicle, but it has been handled differently. Instead of being offered as-is, they are completely disassembled and inspected for wear and tear. Worn out or damaged pieces are replaced with pieces that are as good as, or better than, the original pieces. The equipment is then reassembled and refinished or repainted so that it looks like-new again. Although these parts may be in better condition than they were when brand new, reconditioned parts are typically sold at a heavily discounted price when compared to new parts.

Is there financing available? If you want or need an expensive part, but neither have the cash right now to make the purchase nor a credit card to charge it to, you may be under the impression that you're out of luck and will have to do without. Fortunately, many auto parts stores and mechanics are willing to offer a payment plan. Some work with finance companies that may offer a loan if you use your truck as collateral. Others may be willing to let you take the part and have it installed, provided you give them a substantial down payment. Or they may set aside the part in their storage area, until you've made enough payments to cover the entire purchase price.  

What sort of warranty do you offer? While new parts come with a manufacturer's warranty, the same can't be said of used or reconditioned parts. A good shop should have a clearly defined return period for all truck equipment, no matter what condition it was in when you bought it. A good shop should stand behind the reconditioned parts that they offer, giving them a longer return or repair period than they offer with a part that is simply used and not reconditioned.