Tired Of Getting In A Hot Car? Window Tinting Is The Solution

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If you don't have a garage or shade tree to park under, you should consider getting window film put on your car windows. Tinted film blocks the sun's rays, so your car isn't so hot when you open the door. Here are a few things you should know about window tinting.  

Why Window Tinting Is A Good Idea

Window tinting has benefits besides keeping your car cooler when it's parked in the sun. It also protects your upholstery and dash from sun damage. It makes your windows darker so you have more privacy, and this could enhance your safety if you drive alone. The dark windows also make it more difficult for criminals to see belongings in your car. Window tinting reduces glare, which makes it safer for you to drive when facing the sun.

Types Of Window Tint

Window film is made in different ways and this affects the cost. Dyed film is the least expensive because it is simply a layer of dyed film that is applied to your window glass with adhesive. It works because the dark color absorbs the heat before it can be transferred to the inside of your car. The film comes in various shades, and the darker the color, the better the film works, so it's ideal when you want the darkest color your state allows.

Crystalline film is one of the more expensive choices. It does a great job of reflecting the sun's UV rays so the interior of your car is protected from heat and damage. However, it's unique because it's able to offer maximum protection without blacking out your windows. The film still works if you choose a light shade, so this choice is ideal if you want very little color on your windows.

Concerns With Metallized Films

Metallized window tinting is more effective and more expensive than basic dyed film because it is made with tiny bits of metal in it that reflect the sun's rays. This reflective quality gives your windows a somewhat shiny appearance that you may or may not like. The main concern with this type of window film is that it interferes with radio signals. Your cell phone and GPS system may not work if you install metallized film on your windows.

A way to avoid the pitfalls of metallized film is to buy hybrid film instead. It is a combination of dyed and metallized varieties. Because dyed tint is added, less metal can be used. With less metal, there is little to no interference with cell phone signals. Plus you get the benefits of heat blocking from dyed film and reflectivity from metallized film.

Window Tint Installation

It's generally worth the expense to have window film applied by a professional. This ensures you'll get proper adhesion between the film and your glass. If you don't do a perfect job, the film will develop splits or bubbles. Not only that, a professional can help you choose the right kind of film for the look you want to achieve. Plus, you won't have to worry about installing film that is too dark and getting in trouble with the law.

Window tinting is an excellent way to keep your car cooler in the summer and protect it from damage. If you have to park in the sun or have an occupation where you are in and out of your car all day, you'll find staying cooler is well worth the cost of having the film installed on your car windows.