How To Help Your Boy Scout Troop Earn The Automotive Merit Badge

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Are you involved in the Boy Scout program? If so, you are influencing boy's lives in a truly positive way. The Boy Scout program isn't just fun and adventurous. It also helps boys become strong men. Among other things, it builds strong ideals, it helps to strengthen families, it develops a love of God and country, and boys learn different skills. If you are in charge of helping the boys to earn their Automotive Maintenance Badge, you can have a great experience right along with them. Here are some ideas that might help you.

Send Invitations - Unfortunately, the spoken word doesn't always reach parent's ears, so just announcing that you'll be holding a workshop for the boys to earn their Automotive Maintenance Badge is probably not enough. Of course, you could email or phone all the parents, but a written invitation would be a great way to build interest and anticipation. Consider sending the information on a car-shaped piece of construction paper. Have each of the tires hold information like the date, the time, and the place of the event, and use the last tire to request RSVPs so you'll know how many boys to expect.

Secure An Instructor - If you are proficient enough to teach the class yourself, go for it.

Take The Class An Extra Mile - Are there boys who have shown an extra eagerness to learn more about cars? 

Have a wonderful time working with your Boy Scouts as they learn more about cars.