Motoring Across Country: 3 Tips To Help You Safely Transport Your Motorcycle

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Making a move across country can be difficult, but moving a motorcycle that is worth thousands of dollars safely presents a unique challenge. Keeping your motorcycle safe should be a top priority when it comes to making a cross-country move, and here are three tips you can use to help ensure your bike arrives safe and sound:

1. Invest in an enclosed trailer to haul your motorcycle.

You never know what challenges you might face on the open road. A sudden storm could hit at any moment, or a stray rock could fly up from the tire of a passing vehicle. Both inclement weather and stray rocks can cause serious damage to your motorcycle. When you invest in an enclosed trailer you have the ability to ensure that your bike will be protected from the dangers that lurk along the roadways.

In addition to providing protection from the elements, an enclosed trailer can also be locked securely as you stay overnight in a hotel. With authorities reporting 45,000 motorcycle thefts in 2013 alone, having the ability to lock up your bike in an enclosed trailer could be beneficial.

2. Learn to properly strap your motorcycle into the trailer.

A motorcycle without a rider is inherently unstable. In order to prevent serious damage during transport it is essential that you take the time to learn how to properly strap your motorcycle into an enclosed trailer. Start by loading your bike in the trailer front-end first.

Use the D-rings along the floor of the trailer to attach tie-down straps in a crisscross pattern to either side of your motorcycle.

To prevent the bike from moving when you go over bumps you must engage the suspension system. This can be accomplished by tightening the tie-down straps until the front forks of your bike come down about 30%. By properly strapping your motorcycle into the enclosed trailer you will give yourself the best chance of arriving at your new destination with your bike safely in tow.

3. Make sure your motorcycle is prepared for transport.

Before you load your motorcycle into the enclosed trailer there are some preparatory steps you need to take. To prevent damage to your bike's electrical system, be sure to disconnect the battery before transport. This will prevent the battery from draining or shorting out, which can result in serious electrical damage.

It is also important to ensure that you drain the fuel tank before loading your motorcycle onto the trailer. A full tank is a fire hazard, but you need to leave a little gasoline in the tank to prevent vapor buildup. Knowing how to prepare your motorcycle for shipping will help make the transport process easier.

Buying an enclosed trailer, learning to properly strap down your bike, and taking the time to prepare your motorcycle for shipping will help you eliminate problems when transporting your motorcycle across country in the future. For more help, you may want to contact a company that does enclosed motorcycle trailer sales to ask questions and learn more.