Why You Should Upgrade Your Commercial Fleet With Spray On Technology

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Whether you own a commercial fleet or have different work vehicles that are constantly subjected to extreme conditions, you need to take advantage of spray on technology. Spray on lining is a multipurpose solution to protecting your investment against corrosion, dents, UV damage, rust, slipping, and superficial scratches. It works great for commercial applications because it offers both protection for your assets and personnel. So if you're currently working without spray on technology, you need to know why you should upgrade your commercial fleet.

What Are Spray On Liners?

Spray on liners are composed of a liquid polyurethane that's applied using a low or high pressure system, and sometimes through a roller. High pressure systems need heat for curing, where low pressure systems rely on air drying to fully cure and harden. There are two classes of spray on liners available:

Why They Matter In Commercial Applications

Spray on liners have a wide range of applications, from marine usage to trucks and trailers, and they work on any surface that's either new or old to protect it against the elements. After the polyurethane of either aliphatic or aromatic liners has cured, it provides optimal protection against water penetration and chemical corrosion. It also gives your fleet a layer of protection against dents, scratches, and UV breakdown, so your trucks can withstand the elements and any work condition you throw at them better.

Spray on liners are ideal for not only protecting your vehicles, but they elevate the safety of your vehicles for personnel as well. After the polyurethane has cured, it provides a textured surface that provides natural slip and skid resistance. The increased protection in the bed of a truck or trailer also reduces noise from impacts and vibrations caused during travel, so workers can be more comfortable in the cab while going from site to site.

Adding a spray on liner to truck beds and trailers will not only improve the safety of your workers, your clients will appreciate the professionalism of your commercial appearance. With either black or colored liner options, your fleet can look more uniform and well-maintained, even if you own vehicles that differ in age range. Liners can often be used within minutes of application, and they're an affordable upgrade that can increase both the look and longevity of your fleet longer than if left untreated. To learn more, contact the experts at X-Treem Automotive & Tinting