Three Tips For Dealing With Lawn Tractor Trouble

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A lawn tractor is a great way to mow large expanses of yard quickly, and mowing with one takes a lot less effort than using a push mower.  If your lawn tractor stops working, there may be a simple fix that you can do yourself at home. Take a look at the following situations:

If the Tractor Won't Start

Just like car engines, lawn tractor engines use spark plugs to ignite fuel within the engine. The spark plugs in a mower can last a lot longer than the ones in your car since they're not used as often, but they still need to be replaced every once in a while. If your lawn tractor won't start at all, and you've already made sure that lack of gas isn't the problem, try changing out the spark plugs and see if that resolves the issue.

If the Tractor is Running Rough

A lawn mower that is running rough sounds louder than normal, and as though the engine is laboring harder than it should have to. There are usually two culprits in this case. The oil or the air filter (or both) could need replacing. It's easy to forget that lawn tractors need oil changes and new air filters, but changing one or both makes a big difference for the engine. The oil lubricates the moving parts, and the air filter ensures that clean air gets into the engine.

If the Tractor Doesn't Move or Cut

Like your car's engine, your tractor's engine uses belts to transfer some of that power it generates into movement. Most tractors have both a drive belt and a mower belt. The first allows the mower to move, and the second turns the deck blades so that they can cut the grass. If the belt is completely broken, the tractor likely threw it, so you should be able to locate the belt easily. In some cases, the belt may be worn smooth so that it slips, causing the same problem but leaving the belt intact. Either way, it's important to replace the belt. Both types of belts are located underneath the mower, so you'll need to move the tractor onto its side to work on it unless you have a lift.

If your tractor is acting up, it may be time for some maintenance. Hire a professional or order lawn tractor parts online that can resolve the problem for you.